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Kari Byron is a San Fransico based TV show host plus artist, best identified for her Discover Channel show Mythbusters.

On MythBusters, Byron plus fellow “Build Team” members Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara help out co-hosts Adam Savage as well as Jamie Hyneman in testing the plausibility of an assortment of myths, and furthermore host their own segments. She became caught up in the show after determinedly showing up next to Hyneman’s M5 Industries seminar in a wish to get hired by his company. On her first day as a compensated employee, she was asked by Hyneman and MythBusters creator Peter Rees to assist out with the “vacuum plane toilet” myth, and she was asked to model her buttocks for a cast. She and the extra “Build Team” members were given a new prominent role opening with the show’s next season. Not having had a extended the past in show business, Byron at primary found it tricky to act naturally with this more visible position but slowly became more used to to it.

During the subsequent half of the 2009 season, Byron was on maternity leave from the show, and she was temporarily replaced by Jessi Combs.

Art in addition to sculpting are vital aspects of her life, and she has claimed that she creates a number of form of art each day, stating, “I would go wild if I didn’t.” Some of her favorite sculpting equipment are polymer clay, a variety of found objects, acrylic gouache, wood and metals. Byron showcases some of her art on her personal website, and taking photographs from her public exhibit debut Stray Doll in September 2004 is available at Anno Domini. She believes being an artist is a hard career to choose, but has found inspiration in artists such as various SECCA award winners in the past. Preferring to make her spectators think, she has had the following to say about her art:

I perform portraits or I create sculptures exploring my mocking view of modern issues. Artists that over-explain their art forever take away from my experience as a viewer. I try to let my watcher make their own message. Art becomes more private if you let yourself turn into involved. I will always explain my motivations and themes if a big shot asks but I like better to hear theirs.

Following the accomplishment of MythBusters, she still makes sculptures, but she no longer displays them in exhibitions. She felt exposing her inner self through art exhibitions might disagreement with the achievement of MythBusters, with visitors approaching her being more interested in talking about the show than her art. She has also expressed actually enjoying the freedom of working only for herself in this way.

Byron graduated from Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, California and studied film and sculpture at San Francisco State University, graduating magna cum laude in May 1998 with a B.A. degree. Byron spent the next year backpacking, above all in South Asia, including the Himalayas, and was also mixed up in a number of art projects.

Byron is a vegetarian, a truth referred to on occasion on MythBusters everywhere she has been noticeably awkward when experiments have called for the use of creature remains.

She is married to performer Paul Urich. The pair have a daughter, born on June 28, 2009.